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Duluth Paranormal Society serves the residents and businesses of Duluth, MN, and the surrounding area.  Our goal is to investigate and validate paranormal activity along with attempting to disprove activity claimed to be paranormal.  We are a group of realists whose sole purpose is to help clients obtain information and investigate claims professionally and confidentially.



Duluth Paranormal believes in practicing a peaceful investigative approach.  We do not provoke or ever assume activity is dark.  We observe and collect evidence using peaceful communication methods.  Various equipment is used, some experimental, based on the particular needs of each investigation and the result requested by the client.   We are always sensitive to the needs of the client and sensitive and respectful to any possible entities.  We use a pre-planned tactical approach for efficiency and to collect possible evidence. We have the tools to establish communication. 

What do we consider evidence? We may talk about experiences our members have had in specific areas to validate client experiences, but that might not be considered evidence. We also use hard evidence caught on audio or video.  
Our evidence will not go public unless we have the client's consent.  The investigation will be done quietly and discreetly. For example, if the client may not want the location disclosed or the neighbors to know, we will accommodate them. However, the client might agree only to make evidence or certain pieces of evidence public.  
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