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Case “Jack” Report

Investigation date: February 2nd, 2013

Location: South of Duluth, undisclosed

Investigators assigned to the case: Andy, Amanda, Joe, Chera, Ryan, and Steve.​
Equipment used: Several night vision camera’s equipped with night vision, K2 meters, Mel meters, audio recorders, flashlights, Spirit Box, and computers.

Claims: Footsteps come from upstairs when occupants are downstairs.  Knocking heard in bedroom and kitchen. Movement of objects in kitchen sounds of voices. 

Duluth Paranormal Society investigated the home in teams of 2 and set up our control area in the garage. We set up video cameras in the living room, kitchen, office, and basement.  We put stationary audio recorders throughout the home. DPS attempted to debunk and confirm all claims.  The homeowner was able to catch voices on a person's audio recorder that could not be explained, that is why DPS was contacted.   This home was thoroughly investigated overnight with several hours of video and audio taken. 

Investigation: In the basement investigators Joe and Steve were doing EVP work and K2 experiments.  Joe and Steve believe they may have established communication via the K2 when Joe asked the entity to light up the K2 meter. In return, Joe and Steve would leave the K2 lit up.  This was done later in the night by investigator Chera. She too asked the entity to light up the K2 meter and in return, she would leave. These two instances were caught on video. Though we cannot call the instances with the K2 paranormal evidence, it does remain unexplained.  Throughout the investigation, there were several knocks heard.  It was determined that the refrigerator makes a knocking sound when it turns on and off.  We believe most of these knocks heard are from the refrigerator.  There is an instance where one knock was unexplainable for investigators Ryan and Chera. This knock was caught on video.  We also cannot call this knock paranormal evidence however it is unexplained.  When Investigators Amanda and Chera were in the basement with the homeowner they did hear what sounded like a “whoop!” in a female voice.  This sound location was not pinpointed.  Each recorder identified it was someplace else in the residence.  DPS attempted to debunk it with no success. This was deemed paranormal evidence.  We believe the location of this was in the stairway leading to the basement, as there were no audio devices in that location. During the initial tour of the home, the homeowner was explaining some of the claims to investigator Steve. While she was explaining some of the claims a voice was caught saying “it's not true”.  This voice came from the upstairs office audio recorder. We believe the entity was disagreeing with what the homeowner was telling our investigator.  After careful comparison to other audio and video in the home, it was determined that this voice did not come from anyone in the home.  This piece of evidence is paranormal. 

Conclusion:  This investigation is conclusive.  Because we are unable to explain the voice caught or the “whoop” noise we conclude that there is at least one intelligent entity in the home.  The occupants of the home do not feel threatened in any way.  We recommend further experiments and investigating by the homeowners and Duluth Paranormal Society.  We will remain in contact with the homeowners; we will monitor, analyze, and investigate as needed.   Below is the evidence caught in the investigation.

​This EVP was recorded by the homeowner and is where the name of this case came from. You here "you don't know me" then you hear "jack" from a different voice.  Listen closely.

This EVP is also from the homeowner, this one you can hear more clear.  "because I can hear you."

This EVP was taken during the investigation while the homeowner was going over claims.  This entity has disagreed with what she was saying.  "It's not true"

This video segement is the "whoop" that is heard and unexplained in the home.  The only ones in the home is investigators Amanda, Chera, and the homeowner. 

This video is a video of Investigator Joe using the K2 meter asking the entity to light up the K2 as a request for him to leave.  You be the judge. 

This video is investigator Chera attempting the same K2 question making a deal with the entity that she will leave if it is lit up.  You be the judge. 

Investigators Ryan and Chera were investigating the home.  While Ryan was in the kitchen and Chera in the living room they all heard what sounded like a closed fist on a hard surface with no explanation.  They believe it came from the bedroom. 

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