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Earl Case

Client: Undisclosed​
Address: Undisclosed Duluth MN​
Investigation Date: September 29th, 2012​
Investigators assigned to the case:  Andy, Amanda, Amy, Chera, Joe, and Ryan. 

Claims: The client reports incidents of being touched while nobody is home.  Items on high shelves have moved on their own.  Lid to the garbage can flew off in front of the client.   The client has a 3-year-old daughter that interacts with the entity, daughter calls the entity Earl.  Earl has taught daughter games that nobody else taught her.   Things make noise and move in bedrooms with nobody in the room or when children are sound asleep.  

Investigation: investigation areas investigated were the basement, kitchen, and the upstairs where all the bedrooms are located.  It is not believed that there is any activity in the basement however we chose to cover the entire house.   In two persons teams each team went to one of the three locations where they did EVP work, video work, still picture work.  After approximately 30 minutes teams changed locations and continued work in a different location.  After approximately 1.5hrs of investigating investigators Amanda, and Chera were assigned to go by themselves in the house with homeowner.  During that time they did EVP work, and some experimental flashlight work.  During the flashlight work our investigators believe they did connect with an entity as it “mostly” followed commands and answered questions from the investigators. 

Personal experiences/incident: Although personal experiences cannot be submitted into evidence they will be noted in this report:
Investigators Ryan and Amy had put a pile of 3 stuffed animal cats in the middle of the boys room, later that evening it was noted that this pile of cats had moved up against the wall.  Because this incident was not documented on video it is considered a personal experience only and with caution: because there was a possibility of 8 people at any given time in the house at once the area is considered contaminated.  
The next incident documented that is not on video but only audio is the flashlight session conducted by investigators Amanda, Chera, and homeowner.   The flashlight communication attempt is considered experimental for Duluth Paranormal at this time and is judged as a paranormal experience only by the investigators and homeowner present during the experiment.  The investigators believe they did connect with something paranormal.

Upon Review: Several hours of audio and visual documentation were recorded.  Three Electronic Voice phenomenon’s(EVP) were noted.  The first which was taken by two separate recorders ruling out any recorder interference occurred while investigators Amanda, Chera, and homeowner were talking about a camera that moved on its own.  The whispering voice is very hard to make out and it is believed to of said “_______ needs you” after slowing down audio it is believed that the first letter of the first word begins with an “m” sounding like a name that is difficult to make out.  The second EVP occurred during the first night that the homeowner set the recorder in _________'s room while she was sleeping.  Two voices occur during this time, the first sounded like a female voice saying “peek a boo, I see you.”  The second voice comes in immediately in a male whisper saying “shut up”.  Investigator Ryan noted that the first voice may be possible Doves outside; this possibility will be looked into during a meeting with Sherry and future investigations of the property.  The last EVP happens on the last night the recorder is left in daughters room while she is sleeping.  On the recorder the boys are awake and talking, during that period you hear a voice saying “hello” about 6 times.  This is the same voice that says “peek a boo, I see you” in the previous EVP.
Reveal: Lead investigator Andy and client relations Amanda met with sherry on October 12th.  The first EVP we shared was the “hello” EVP.  We needed the homeowner to validate that it was or was not anyone in the house.  She was confident that it was not anyone in the home, she stated that her boys do not sound like that and it was not her daughter.  The next EVP we showed the homeowner was the “peek a boo, I see you” 2nd voice “Shut Up” EVP.  She was also confident that it could of not been anyone in the house that could have made that noise.  The Homeowner stated that her daughter says that Earl likes to play Peek a boo with her.  We believe that one entity wanted to play peek a boo and a different entity wanted her be quiet so Daughter could sleep.   The third EVP that was at first said to believe “______ Needs you” was played, we told the homeowner that if we slow it way down it sounds like it is starting with an “M” saying a name.  Sherry informed us for the first time that she calls her daughter Mamie as a nick name at home.   After this new knowledge we concluded that the voice is in fact saying “Mamie needs you”.  It is our belief that the entities do not like it when her daughter is away and would rather her be with her mother resulting in this EVP.  

Results: The results of this investigation are conclusive.  We heard 3 different voices in EVP’s.  The homeowver stated that her daughter will sometimes say, Earl is big, or Earl is a girl which gives an indication that daughter is unable to comprehend that there are three different entities so she calls all of them Earl.  We learned that these entities are peaceful and Sherry or her children have nothing to worry about.  The homeowner stated that she is comfortable with the situation.

This first EVP is "Mamie needs you" 

This EVP is the slowed version of "Mamie needs you"

This is the "hello" EVP,  you can here "hello" being called out several times.  This was nobody in the house at the time. 

The last EVP "peek a boo, I see you" then a different voice comes in and says "shut up" 

Earl Part 2

The continuation investigation was conducted by Andy, Amanda, Chera, Ryan, Joe, and Bob.
The client reports that since the first investigation she has felt someone lay down in bed next to her, she can sometimes hear laughter, and a little girl yells out the “MOMMY”. 
Investigation areas include the main and upstairs levels.  The Control area will be in the basement where there has been no activity reported.  Teams were split into two-person teams investigating all areas.  All teams used night vision cameras, EVP recorders, and EMF detectors.  The Flashlight experiment was conducted as well but with limited to no results.  During the investigation, there was one noted personal experience.  Investigator Andy was taking pictures upstairs while he was there alone.  He heard breathing and then noted it on the EVP recorder that he heard breathing, this was later caught on audio.  All investigators did note that they felt there was no other present during the 6-hour investigation. 

Evidence caught does include several audio recordings as follows. 

1. Andy hears breathing and notes it on audio.  You do hear a breath right after he says he hears breathing.
2. Investigators Amanda, Chera, and Homeowner were in conversation when a voice appears, the closest we can come up with is “hello” however that is our best guess

3. This one was caught again with Amanda, Chera, and the homeowner, this audio was caught 3 different recorders upstairs.  First you hear “pichot pichot”.  Chera describes it as maybe a child noise playing with guns.  Then you hear a little girl say “mommy” very clearly.  Perhaps these were two children and the girl did not like what the other child was doing so she yelled to Mommy, you decide!

4. Investigators Amanda, Chera, and the Homeowner were attempting the flashlight experiment they found it was not working.  One of them said they don’t think it is working and then you hear a “no”.   You hear this response as if whoever is there is attempting to turn it on but cannot. 

5. This is one of the female investigators saying a sentence and then a “hey” pops up.  Very interesting that they are trying to gather attention.

6. Investigator Andy was attempting to take some pictures upstairs alone.  He is talking about how he likes his camera and will show whoever there is how good it works.  As he says this there is a male voice that says “wanna watch”. 

7. This EVP comes during a team of investigators getting settled in to investigate.  You then hear a quick whisper that sounds like it's saying “what’s going on here”.  

All EVPs caught have been proved to be not any other investigators or other forms of contamination.  This home is possibly the most evident home that we have investigated and is very active.  After reports from our evidence, and the homeowners' claims and feelings we conclude that they are a peaceful presence and wish no harm of any sort.  We will be in close contact with the homeowner in the future to monitor activity and intervene if necessary.  We will also be doing further investigation at a date yet to be determined in the later future.

All EVPs Below are numbered accordingly to the report above. 















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