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Duluth Paranormal Society has the largest equipment inventory in the state and is continuing to grow that inventory. Please note that each investigation is different, and we use a unique tactical approach for each investigation.  It does vary what equipment we bring and use depending on claims, the environment, and locations.  Below is a description of the equipment we may bring to an investigation. ​

AUDIO RECORDERS   Audio recorders are probably the essential piece of investigative equipment.  Each team investigating always has 1 or more audio recorders with them.  We also stage audio recorders in several areas throughout the investigated property.  Audio recorders will often pick up noises and voices heard during an investigation that we cannot hear with our own ears.  These are called EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon).  After an investigation, each minute of audio is carefully reviewed.  It takes about 3 times longer to review as it does to conduct an investigation.​

NIGHT VISION CAMERA’S  We have several video cameras, most with night vision capabilities.  Video cameras are strategically placed throughout the property, according to the claims.   Teams investigating will also carry a video camera while investigating.   We also have Camera that will stream a live view to a monitor.​


4-CAMERA LIVE FEED DVR SYSTEM  DPS recently purchased a 4-camera live DVR system.  This DVR system allows our control center to monitor the entire investigation live.  All screen are recorded in high definition and is also later reviewed as we comb through evidence.  This system is designed to help our investigators catch evidence as it happens so we may coordinate tactics to s specific location.  

ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELD DETECTORS  There are many types of EMF detectors we use.  An EMF detector will tell us areas that have a higher amount of energy.  The theory is that entities will sometimes be made up of energy, and an EMF detector will notify us of energy spikes.  The theory also states that entities will collect energy from high-energy areas to manifest or communicate.  EMF detectors are an essential tool.  Although it is all theory, this tool can work hand in hand with other investigative tactics to find consistencies.  One EMF detector called a Mel meter will also read air temperature.  The air temperature has been known to change if an entity is present. ​

SPIRIT BOX   This equipment is considered experimental for the Duluth Paranormal Society.  The Spirit box is a great compact tool for attempting communication with paranormal entities. It uses radio frequency sweeps to generate white noise, which theory suggests give some entities the energy they need to be heard.  When this occurs, you will sometimes hear voices or sounds coming through the static in an attempt to communicate.​

SLR DIGITAL CAMERAS   Single Lens Reflective high definition cameras are also used.  In each investigation, hundreds of pictures are taken.  A camera has the capability of capturing light in different ways than the human eye can capture.  If there is an entity, then a photo can capture it. ​

LIVE EVP  This new technology allows us to speak digitally with spirits. In many cases, we can only hear a voice digitally through a recorder after an investigation is complete.  This device allows us to talk and listen in real-time. The sounds are digitally transferred into the software while having headphones plugged in so we can hear live what is happening around us. This gives us the capability to have real-time conversations.

There are many pieces of background equipment used on investigations.  On an investigation, we will also bring 2-4 laptop computers, several headphones, television monitor, flashlights, batteries, power cords, and communication radios.

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