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In the fall of 2016, we were invited to an old house built n the 1800s by a wealthy family.  In this house, over the years there was a tragedy. This house has been a business, a home, and an apartment but has been restored to its original form and made into a vacation home.  We are unable to disclose its name or location.  Because this home was so large and so old we had to be careful, we did not want to bring the client any false results.  We had to be certain that all these noises and footsteps we heard we unexplainable.  After two hard months of review, the team collectively turned in 304 pieces of possible evidence.  After cross references with other devices and coming up with debunking possibilities, below is what we had left for the client.  This was a fun investigation.  We will be returning.

1. Investigators Andy and Jackie were on the top floor.  There have been reports of the light turning on by itself.  At the end of this clip, Jackie asks "Can you turn the light on behind Andy?" Listen for the answer!

2. Investigators Amanda, Chera, and Jackie were sitting at the kitchen table conducting an EVP session.  Listen for the whooshing sound.  We could not explain this sound that occurred inside the house. this sound was caught on other devices and at other times throughout the night.

3. A short time after the whoosh, one of the crew asked for a favor.  They got results.

4. A busy night at the table for these three. At this point, we believe something was trying to get their attention.

5. This is one of the crazier noises we got this night. The only ones in the home at the time were the investigators. Very definitive footsteps. We tried everything we could to debunk this one with no success.

6. We have acquired new technology called the LIVE EVP. this allows us to listen in real-time digitally with a 2-second delay.  During the LIVE EVP investigators, though they heard a voice, that was not picked up but when asked if they can say that again the answer was clear.

7. This is the 2nd time in our years of investigating we caught a breath. This was in a guest room where many claims are witnessed.  The room and entire floor were empty. Take a listen!

8. This video clip shows investigators Amanda and Chera upstairs. Chera is walking around with the camera and hears footsteps, we have verified that this is in fact not Amanda. The control room is trying to get a hold of them, and while doing so footsteps heard take over.

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