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Moose Lake School Investigation Took place May 20th 2017. DPS was contacted by the school to conduct a paranormal investigation based of several claims ongoing for many years. Some of the claims consist of footsteps in the hallways when the school is vacant, shadows seen in the windows from outside, papers flying off shelves, water turning on by itself and several accounts of children voices. DPS spent approximately 7 hours investigating the school using various equipment including 4 cameras DVR system, night vision hand held high definition video cameras, several audio recorders, EMF detectors and motion detectors. Throughout the investigation there were several reports by investigators hearing voices and feelings of strong presence in the room. As DPS combed through the evidence 158 pieces of possible evidence was turned in for further analysis. DPS believes in indisputable scientific evidence or impossible to explain situations only. Most possible evidence found was thrown out because of the possibility it was just building noise or one of the investigators. Below is what DPS feels cannot be explained. 

DPS recommends using headphones and high volume for full effect.  

1.  Loud bang, was unable to determine where it came from or what caused it. Investigators were in the boys locker room and unable to determine the origin of the sound.  

2. Voice came across, unable to determine what it is saying. Was confirmed that it was not an investigator.  This was also in the boys locker room.

3. Sound of the same voice heard by the crew at the time in the boys locker room.

4. Sounds like Footsteps, normally we would pass this off as a clock, however that sound is not there all the time like a clock.  The investigators heard it happen and referenced that it sounded like footsteps. At the reveal school officials informed us it sounded like a principal that worked at the school in the 1950's

5. Investigator asked for a noise, followed by a tap tap which was heard by the investigator. 

6. Investigators were sitting silent in one of the hallways.  faint voice of child comes through.  Crossed check and this only came through this recorder and verified that it was not from the investigators. 

7. Investigators were sitting in the science room.  It got very cold, the equipment shut down and then you hear a deep breath.  We did compare it to possible breaths done by the team and does not sound like them.  It sounds deeper then that. 

8. Recorder was on the first floor hallway during the entire investigation.  there was nobody around it at this time.  We caught a possible "yes".

8.1 This version is a cleaned up version of of the previous audio evidence. 

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