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The Old Moose Lake School


This investigation took place May 20th, 2017.

DPS was contacted by the school to conduct a paranormal investigation of unexplained occurrences that had been going on for many years.

Some of the things people claimed to have witnessed were footsteps in the hallways when the school was vacant, shadows seen in the windows from outside, papers had flown off of shelves, water turned on by itself and there were several accounts of children's voices.

DPS spent approximately 7 hours investigating the school using various equipment, including a DVR camera surveillance system, night vision handheld HD cameras, several audio recorders, EMF detectors and motion detectors.

Throughout the investigation, investigators reported hearing voices and feelings of a strong presence in the room. A total of 158 pieces of possible evidence were recorded and reviewed.

DPS strives to discover indisputable scientific proof of paranormal activity. Most of the possible evidence found at the Old Moose Lake School was debunked as just atmospheric noise or caused by one of the investigators, but we did find some very intriguing audio that we kept.

The following is the evidence that DPS was not able to debunk and may be proof that the Moose Lake School is haunted. 


View the Fox21 News report on our investigation here.


DPS recommends using headphones and high volume for full effect.  

1.  Loud bang. We were unable to determine where it came from or what caused it. Investigators were in the boys' locker room at the time.

2. Voice. We were unable to determine what it was saying, but it was confirmed that it was not an investigator.  This was also in the boys' locker room.

3. Sound of the same voice heard by the crew in the boys' locker room.

4. Footsteps. The investigators heard it happen and referenced that it sounded like footsteps. When presented to school officials, they said it sounded like a former principal that worked at the school during the 1950s.

5. Investigator asked for a noise and got a possible response of a double tap. 

6. While investigators were sitting silently in one of the hallways, the faint voice of child was recorded. We cross-checked and verified that this audio was not the voice of any of the investigators. 

7.  As investigators were sitting in the science room, it became very cold, the equipment shut down and then we recorded a deep breath. We determined that it was none of the investigators.

8.  Voice recorded on the first floor hallway by an audio recorder left on during the entire investigation. There was no one around at the time the voice was captured. We believe the voice said "Yes".

9.  This is a cleaned up version of #8. You can clearly hear the voice say, "Yes."  

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