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On May 15th-17th 2015 DPS had the opportunity to investigate the Nopeming property.  Our crew has been attempting to investigate the Nopeming Property for years.  Once we found out that the Ghost Adventures crew was able to investigate, we felt this opened a door of opportunity.  After the Ghost Adventures episode aired the Duluth Paranormal Society started a petition to gain local support allowing us to go in and do this local landmark justice.   Rumors of the property being haunted have survived the decades of its existence.  After starting up the conversation with the Nopeming board of directors, understanding their concerns along with ours, and going through the proper channels, a contract was reached. Below we will cover a little bit of fact-checking, the history of the property, and then jump into our investigation.



DPS would like to remind you that we take a completely respectful and peaceful approach and do not provoke.  We value our reputation and for that reason, we maintain honesty and sensitivity to our clients.  We go to great lengths to make sure what we find is unexplainable. When evidence is being reviewed it is cross-referenced with all other devices in the area.  If there is the smallest possibility that the noise or image is due to interference it is not presented to the client.  When you view or listen to evidence know that we have already done the dirty work.  On average 95% of the potential evidence turned in is thrown out. 

Let's look at some Ghost Adventures fact vs. fiction.  GA Fact: The tunnels under the property were used to transport the deceased bodies to the incinerators.  This is fiction.  These tunnels carried heat from the steam plant to the structures on the property.  GA Fact:  Nopeming was built over a Native American burial ground.  This is also fiction according to historical research.  We will provide a link that will take you to step by step throughout Nopemings history from its beginning. 



DPS would like to refer to you to a website of a local historian who has done the research. He investigated side by side with us and helped us understand the true history of the property. Please take time to read his research, we appreciate the help he provided.



Onto the investigation.  Prior to our investigation, we toured the property with the caretaker. We discussed at length how vandalism has overtaken the property.  It was hard to comprehend why people would want to destroy such an amazing property with such great history.  There are on average over 100 trespassing convictions annually.  There is a caretaker that lives on the property. He is an honorable man and is passionate about maintaining the property.   He resides there with his family and does his best to protect the buildings.  As part of our investigation, we hope we can bring the public some answers and help stop the trespassing and vandalism of the property.  



DPS arrived for the investigation on Friday, May 15th, 2015 at 2 pm.  We began to strategize and set up. Two DVR systems were brought in each consisting of four cameras.  These cameras were stationed to face down the hallways of the 3rd and 4th floors.  We brought over a dozen audio recorders, EMF detectors, Spirit Boxes, several handheld night vision cameras, television monitors, and several computers.   



The investigation began at 8 pm.  Teams were sent to all areas of the property for the next 36 hours.  We investigated through the night and during the day.  Some slept in campers, some slept in the building, and some headed home for a nap.  



To give you an idea of how much footage was gathered all the equipment ran for over 30 hours. That's a lot to review.   


When you listen, we recommend using a good pair of headphones. 

1. This first piece of evidence took place in the old surgical floor.  3 of our investigators were getting ready to do an EVP session.  As you will hear, they were startled at what they heard.  We believe what they heard was the name "beth".  It was confirmed that nobody in that room said it, and there was nobody in that part of the building.  

2.  This second piece of evidence also came from the surgical floor of Nopeming.  One of our investigators asks "Were you a nurse here?" They get a response that turns out to be the same voice that we caught on the first piece of evidence.  Some investigators believe that the voice says "Doctor".  Listen close!

3.  Now we move outside of the surgical ward.  This piece of evidence was caught in the chapel. While an investigator is conducting and EVP session we catch a voice that clearly says "wow". 

4.  After hours and hours of review, we came across the first piece of video evidence.  This video was taken in the 3rd-floor hallway of the main building.  We have tried to dismiss this every way we could, and we are unable to come up with an explanation.   We have determined that this is not dust, nor is it a bug.  You will see a light form on a door down the left hallway, it then travels towards the camera, past an open doorway, and then goes out of camera range..  Whatever shows up here, we are unable to explain. 

5. This is the most compelling piece of evidence ever to be found on the Nopeming property.  The Duluth Paranormal crew is one of the last ones to step foot in this tunnel before it is destroyed because of safety concerns. This is the same tunnel portrayed in the Ghost Adventures episode as the "death Tunnel".  This was not a death tunnel at all. This tunnel was simply used as a steam tunnel to heat the sanatorium.  Investigator sees the crack and says "that's a doozy".  The response is unreal!  listen and you will hear something saying "that's a big crack".  We have cross referenced and analyzed. We are confident to say that the voice is NOT one of the investigators in the tunnel that day.

6. This recorder was left alone in a hallway of the Annex building.  recorders were running all night, while the team was asleep around 4 a.m. this is what we caught. about 8 seconds in you hear "here we go Jack", then about 10 seconds after that you can catch a laugh, "hahahaha"

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