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Willam A. Irvin

Investigation Date: October 4th, 2012, June 1st, 2013, October 3rd, 2013

Investigators assigned to the case: Andy, Amanda, Chera, Joe, Ryan, Chris, Steve, Bob, and Mike.

Claims: Several employees of the ship have claims of unexplained shadows throughout the ship.  Some have heard the sound of footsteps when nobody has been around. They have also had objects thrown at them while doing maintenance with no explanation. 

Investigation equipment used: Several audio recorders, several video cameras with some equipped with night vision capabilities, EMF detectors, temperature indicators, flashlights, still SLR (single lens reflective) cameras, 2 laptop computers, and a spirit box.  Please note that at this time experiments conducted with flashlights, spirit boxes, and still pictures are considered experimental.

Investigation:  A tech room was set up to review evidence throughout the investigations. Investigators were assigned to this room when not investigating to review evidence.  Investigators were assigned to groups of two or three and each group was assigned to an area of the ship.  Every two hours investigators were reassigned to different locations.   Investigators used the equipment available to take video, and audio and do extensive EVP work in every area.    Spirit Box experiments were conducted by investigators throughout the night. Several hours of audio and video were reviewed after each of the visits.  Evidence has shown several unexplained noises with some unexplained voices.  We did enter some things into evidence that were not possible to explain. We have some still pictures that we are also posting as possible evidence.  These pictures will be left up to the judgment of individuals.  The Duluth Paranormal Society does not consider the pictures as solid evidence however we find them very interesting.   The spirit box experiment conducted by Investigators will be entered into evidence at this time with caution because the spirit box is experimental.  It is the opinion of the investigators present that they did communicate with an entity when using the spirit box and leave further opinions up to each individual.

RESULTS: The scientific findings of this investigation are conclusive.  Based on evidence and experiences we are able to conclude that the ship has paranormal activity.  The Duluth Paranormal Society recommends further investigating with different investigation tactics, experiments, and further use of investigation equipment.

Duluth Paranormal Society thanks the management and staff of William A. Irvin for the opportunity to conduct scientific research and experiments on the property.  We look forward to working with this client in the future.

Below are some media we thought we should share!

​video from Chris Allen and Ryan N. 

Audio Recording of the knock "shave and a hair cut" Investigator Ryan will start it and it is finished by something unexplained.  It is faint, listen carefully and judge for yourself.  All other audio on the ship was reviewed  and not other investigators were knocking at this time. 

This is the video version of the same knock. 

​Staff of the Irvin telling our investigators some claims and experiences. 

​​A ghost story about a bearded man. 

​Investigators Jodie, Chera, and Chris are getting results from the ghost box. 

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