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Nopeming Extras

As you know Ghost Adventures was able to get into Nopeming before we did. Their investigation had laughable moments, we share their investigation giggle, then we recreated the moment.

Let's start out with something that can give us a laugh.  Watch the clip of Zac from Ghost Adventures getting caught up in some wires.  Then check out our reenactment below.

Enjoy our reenactment from the video above!  This was filmed in the exact spot as above.

Here is Zac from Ghost Adventures talking about what he thinks are death tunnels.

Here is DPS investigator interviewing after she has entered the tunnels.  These were Steam tunnels for the buildings, bodies were never transported through these tunnels.

Nobody is allowed in this tunnel anymore, we were one of the last, and the last to properly investigate it.  Here you go!

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