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                                       DULUTH MN.


Investigation date: Nov 9th, 2013


Investigators: Amanda, Andy, Steve, Chera, Ryan, Joe, Cassie.


Equipment: Night vision HD video cameras, 1 live feed night vision camera. 10 Audio Recorders, EMF detectors, and Mel-Meters.  

Claims: Some of the claims reported to DPS are objects moving, voices, and shadows.


Investigations: Investigators arrived at Midnight.  We tested and set up the equipment while waiting for employees to finish with closing duties.  The investigation began at approximately 2 am.  Investigators were broken up into teams of two.  EVP work, debunking, other communications attempts, and EMF readings were performed.  Many areas of the property had higher than normal EMF readings due to the equipment used to run the establishment.  Duluth Paranormal Society informed the property owners that high EMF readings may cause uneasy feelings, paranoia, and in some cases hallucinations.  High EMF, in theory, may also feed energy to paranormal entities. DPS would like to note that many shadows and reflections could be created by cars driving on the busy street near the property.  Unexplained instances of audio recordings were captured (see evidence below). 

This EVP was captured as investigators Andy and Chera were entering the upstairs.  After Andy asks about claims you hear a voice come through and part of it comes under Chera’s voice. 



This one came very interesting as it was the only EVP that we could understand the words immediatly.  This was captured when Andy sat at a table with a deck of cards.  Andy asked “would you like to play some cards”.  In the audio you hear “maybe”.

.Investigator Andy was making a statement about the high EMF readings, immediately after we caught audio that is believed to say “hey”.

Andy and Chera were in the bar area doing an EVP session.  They each asked for a drink and then got a response of “no no….unidentified”. some believe it may say " no no, were out".  what is great about this clip is the investigators did hear something which they discuss.    Investigators Joe and Ryan went outside and walked around the building talking in attempt to debunk the voices heard.  The Debunk attempt was unsuccessful and not caught on audio or heard by the investigators in the building. 

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